2 Years


2 years ago today, I made the decision to turn my life (and my health) around.

I weighed in at 332 pounds.

I had just lost my Mother to cancer.

I felt horrible.

I looked horrible.

It was a dark time in my life.

I put on a smile for my husband and kids,

but in reality,

I was falling apart inside.

On a whim, I started counting my calories

and exercising.

I never thought that I’d stick with it.

In a year, I lost 90 pounds.




Year two was not as easy as year one.

My weight loss really slowed down.

It’s frustrating, but I’m hanging in there.

I’ve come too far to quit now.

I lost 20 pounds in year two,

bringing my total lost to 110 pounds.

I may not have lost a lot in the last year,

but that doesn’t make me any less proud of where I am now.




Two years ago I was wearing: 26/28 jeans, 4x/5x shirts and 26/28 dresses.

Today I wear: 16/18 jeans, 1x/2x shirts and 16/18 dresses.

Fun fact:  I wore a size 18 dress to my senior prom 16 years ago.


The bottom pair of pants are what I wearing in the above photo. 

They are a size 26.

The pair on top is a 16!


My wedding ring is 2 sizes too big!


I was really hoping to have a better loss for this year,

but I’m really not complaining.

I know what I am capable of and it can

only get better.

I ran a half marathon less than 2 weeks ago.

I couldn’t have done that last year.

I feel so good about how I look and how I feel. 

My confidence has increased 10 fold.

I love shopping for clothes!

I don’t have to search for the biggest sizes any more! 

I’m really looking forward to the next year and what it has in store. 

Whether it be another 20 pound loss, or only 5.

I will never go back, only forward. 


Progress Photos!


Yesterday, I reached 110 pounds lost!

As promised, new progress photos!




I know that my face photo is from a couple weeks ago, but not much has changed!



A friend sent me the photo from 2009…I was around 315-320lbs. I think.  It’s a great photo to do a side view comparison with because, not surprisingly, I do not really have a ton of photos like this of me.  The photo on the right was taken this morning prior to my workout.


If you would like to see all my progress photos, you can check them out here.


Did you know that this blog has a Facebook page?

Go have a look around!



The Holidays are Over…Thankfully


I am so glad that it’s January!  The holidays are the worst for me.  The temptation to eat badly always gets me.  I give in and then I pay for it. 

I gained some weight over Christmas and New Years.  About 8 pounds.  I think a couple pounds of it was water though, thanks to the arrival of my TOM just before Christmas.  I have to admit that I didn’t exercise much while the kids were on Christmas break.  I really just took some time to sleep in and be lazy.  Although, I have to admit that it got old after awhile.

I’m back at it though and things are going great.  I’ve lost all but 0.4 of the weight I gained.  I am so ready to see some new numbers!  My lowest weight is 224.6 (107.4 loss) and I’m sitting at 225 now.  I would love to see the teens here soon!

I have some photos to share. 





I’m going to start posting regularly again.  I really miss posting and doing weigh days. 

I’m so excited for what 2014 holds!









My reward to myself for reaching 100 pounds is to buy some new sweaters for fall/winter.  I am always cold and everything I have from last year is too big (darn!).  Looks like I’m doing some shopping this weekend!



Gotta Keep On Keepin’ On


I’m still here, I’m still at it.  The weight loss is still moving at a snail’s pace, but it is moving.  I’m down to 95.6 pounds lost.  Inching ever closer to that 100 pound mark…I’ll get there soon, mark my words!

I’m glad to say, that even though the scale hasn’t been very friendly to me lately, I am still losing inches!  I just bought a pair of size 16 jeans and I can wear them!  Still rocking the 2x tops, but I am even finding that they are getting a little roomy (yay!).

I hit my lowest weight (236.4) on Friday (the 13th no less!) and to celebrate, I took a new selfie for My Fitness Pal and Facebook.  Then, yesterday, I compared it to my before photo (coincidently the photos are exactly 16 months apart) and the difference in the two photo is astounding.  See for yourself:


Awesome, right? 

This is such a great motivator!  It makes me want to keep at it, to never give up…

And also, what do you think about the red hair?  I think it’s great for fall…

Speaking of fall…I was looking through my clothing and I have nothing for cooler weather except for a few pairs of jeans and a couple of long sleeved tops.  Looks like some shopping is in order! (Darn!)   Not that I mind…now that I’m not shopping for the biggest size on the rack, shopping for clothes is actually fun for me now!

I’m going to try to write here more often…I do miss it!  I’ll be back soon! 


Weigh Day



Previous weight: 241.6

Current weight: 241

Difference: –0.6

Total loss: 91 pounds


Heading in the right direction!  Finally!  I initially hit 241 back on May 17 and it’s been a roller coaster ever since.  Hopefully things will keep going steady so it won’t be too much longer until I reach the big ONE ZERO ZERO (100).

I got my bike out for the first time since August.  I’ve lost around 60 pounds since the last time I rode it last year.  It’s so easy now!  That just gives me another way to get my burn on, which is good, because I like to switch things up so it doesn’t get boring.  I wish it would warm up a little more…I want to swim!

Speaking of swimming, I bought a new suit last Friday.  The size differences between my old one and new one is astounding!

My new suit is similar to this one:


Same skirt, but the top is different.  I really like this type of suit.  I also really like the built in bra!  The girls definitely appreciate the lift!  So anyway, my old suit is like this one, too except for it doesn’t have the bra.  Both pieces of my old suit are size 26.  I’m not sure what the top size of my new suit equals out to, because it’s sized in bra sizes, but the bottom is a 16.  SIXTEEN!  HOLY COW!  5 full sizes down!  Speaking of bra sizes…at my heaviest, I was wearing a 48 DD.  My suit is a 44 C!  Granted, it’s a full C, but I haven’t been a C cup since early high school (18 or so years ago)!

I have a pic of me wearing the top when I was trying it on…it could totally pass for a regular shirt!

Photo May 31, 1 59 58 PM

Cute, right?

This is the best I’ve felt about myself in a swimsuit in years!


It seems that posting my “Weigh Day” posts on Tuesday is easier for me than Mondays anymore.  I think I’ll keep with Tuesdays and see how that goes!

Have a great week!