Half Marathon…Check



Yesterday was the big day! 

Photo May 03, 11 33 44 AM

19, 19, 1985!


The day I had been training for for almost 7 months…the Borgess Run for the Health of It Half Marathon!

It was cool and sunny, perfect for running.  I had my running buddy, Reita with me.  We started this journey together and we were going to finish it together, too.

Photo May 04, 8 11 10 AM

Ready to run!


13 miles is a LONG run! Previous to this race, 10.25 miles was my longest run.  I kept saying to myself going into this “If you can do 10, you can do 13”. Easier said than done that’s for sure!  The last 3 miles were the most difficult and I found that I struggled the most through mile 12.  


At mile 9.

My official time was 2:53:56.  That time included 2 bathroom stops.  My total running time minus bathroom breaks was 2:47:59.  I was figuring I’d go at least 2:45, so I am very happy with my time. I just wanted to finish in under 3 hours.

Here are some more photos!

Photo May 04, 7 36 41 AM

With some friends before the race.


Photo May 05, 2 10 43 PM

The home stretch!


Photo May 05, 2 10 25 PM

Almost there!


Photo May 05, 2 10 14 PM

Crossing the finish line!


Photo May 04, 11 18 28 AM

After the race.


Photo May 04, 11 22 47 AM

Woo hoo!  We finished!


Photo May 04, 11 22 30 AM

Check out our hardware!


Photo May 04, 12 09 52 PM

This is definitely an experience I’ll remember forever!


I’m feeling pretty good today, I was pretty sore this morning until I started moving around and such.  I did aggravate an old ankle injury, so I have a little bit of swelling in my right ankle.  I’m sure that with ice and rest, it’ll be fine in a couple of days.

Overall it was an amazing experience!  One that I will definitely repeat at some point, I’m just not sure when!  =)

Run happy!


T-Minus 10 Days!




So yeah, I promised to blog more in the months leading up to the half marathon.  I didn’t. Sorry.

Quite honestly, my weight loss is stagnant and has been for a couple of months.  I’m not gaining…I’m hovering in the 222 – 225 range. 

I was really hoping to be at or under 200 by race day and that’s not going to happen unless I lose a limb. 

I’m ok with it though.  I’d rather be stuck here than ballooning up in to the 230’s, 40’s or higher!

Even though I’m not losing poundage, I’m still losing inches!  I just moved down to a 16 jean and XL shirt!. 

That means I’m down 4 shirt sizes and 6 jean sizes!  Nothing wrong with that! 

Also, I’m in a 16 dress (I was a 28).  My senior prom dress was an 18! 

I put a #ThrowBackThursday post on my facebook today that’s pretty awesome.

The throwback photo was from the summer of 2011, about 9 months before I started losing weight.

The other photo is from today.

Photo Apr 24, 4 08 47 PM

I feel amazing!


The half marathon I’m running is next weekend.

I am excited.  And nervous.

I can’t decide which is dominating at the moment.

I am more than confident that I will be able to finish it.

I just know that it will not be a fast run.

That’s ok.  This first one is about running it and finishing. 

Next one will be more about time.


The race is 3 days after the 2nd anniversary of the passing of my Mom.

I so wish that she could be there.  She’d be my biggest fan. 

I’m dedicating my run to her memory. 

I miss her tremendously.


I’ll try to write again before the race…I still have photos from the Color Run I did a few weeks ago!





Weigh Day



Previous weight: 226.4

Current weight: 222.8

Difference: –3.6

Total loss: 109.2 pounds

I did not realize that the last time I did a weigh in on my blog was back in NOVEMBER! Whoops!  Sorry about that!

So! I am almost at 110 pounds lost! Finally!  I’m dying to do another photo update! I will be doing one at 110!

I am officially signed up for my first half marathon!  It’s now less than 3 months away.  I’m still a little nervous…mostly because I haven’t been running a lot this winter.  We have had so much snow!.  I seriously have 2 feet of snow in the yard right now.  Plus piles from plowing that are about 4.5 feet high!  It’s been super cold here, too.  Call me wimpy, but I just don’t like running in the super cold.  Give me upper 30’s to low 50’s and I’ll be a happy runner.  Other than the cold, I don’t like running in the snow because of my ankles.  4 years ago, I fell and sprained both of my ankles.  I don’t have much pain now, but the thought of slipping in the ice and snow and hurting myself again is not very appealing.  I have a hard enough time walking in it!  I do know that they make running gear for snow/ice, but the risk just isn’t worth it to me.  I’m hoping that March will start to thaw us out so I can get back out there!

I’ve got to get back to weekly weigh in’s!  That should be my goal between now and race day…a weigh day every week.  I think I can do it!



Running Fool



On December 1st, I participated in my first Ugly Sweater Run!  I bought a sweater at Goodwill, decked it out Christmas style and then ran a 5k race through Grand Rapids.  I had tons of fun and ran my fastest 5k to date!  My time was 35:14 with an average pace of 11:42/mile!  My previous best was 36:31, 11:48/mile.  I ran the race with my good friend, Reita.  We always have a blast at these events.

Photo Dec 01, 3 00 16 PM

Photo Dec 01, 10 15 24 AM

Photo Dec 01, 10 19 45 AM

Photo Dec 01, 10 26 21 AM

Photo Dec 01, 11 08 03 AM

Photo Dec 01, 11 10 44 AM



On Wednesday morning, I woke to temperatures is the mid 40’s, which for me is perfect running weather.  I decided that I was going to take a run, but didn’t make any plans for how far I’d actually run.  It was foggy that morning, so I decided to stay in town rather than go out into the country…much safer on the sidewalks when it’s foggy!

  After my first 30 minutes I was at 2.23 miles (13:01 pace) which is a little slower than I’d like, but I was feeling good and really enjoying my run.  Ideally, when I run, I like to keep my pace steady or gradually increase it.  So, if I was at 4.5 miles by 60 minutes, that’d be great.  At 60 minutes, I was at 5 miles!  I was shocked, but it was great motivation to continue on.  I decided then that I was going to make this my farthest run.  My distance to beat was 8.3 miles.

At, 90 minutes, I was at 7.78 miles…I knew I had it in the bag, so I decided to go for my first 10 miler.  My pace was great…my best ever for this distance.  I knew if I kept that pace, at 120 minutes, I’d be well over 10 miles.

I didn’t quite make 2 hours, but that didn’t matter.  I got home, stopped my app, and was blown away by my stats.


I ran 10.23 miles in 1:55:40!  My pace was 11:19/mile!

In comparison, I ran my 8.3 run (my previous best) in 1:47:51 and my pace was 13:00/mile!

I blew that run out of the water!!

I still am in awe, but one thing is for sure…I am going to ROCK my half marathon in May!!  There is no stopping me now!

Weigh Day



Previous weight: 239

Current weight: 235.8

Difference: 3.2lbs

Total loss: 96.2lbs

It’s been a while since my last Weigh Day!  I hit a new lowest weight today and I wanted to share!  Even though things are still slow, I’m still in it for the long haul.  I’m so close to the 100 pound mark that it’s driving me batty!  =)


This whole experience has not only been about losing weight.  It’s also been about challenging myself to do things that I never thought I could do.  For instance, I never thought of myself as a runner, but this year I’ve run in 3 5k races and I have another in December.  This is a big feat for me and I’m very proud of my progress.  I’ve decided that I need a new challenge, a new goal for 2014, seeing as how I met my goal of running in a 5k race for this year.  My goal for 2014: Run in a Half Marathon race.  A half marathon is 13.1 (!) miles.  It’s a loooong way.  I’m excited for this new challenge, but I’m also scared out of my mind!

I’m not going to credit myself with this idea.  My friend Reita announced on Facebook a couple of days ago that she was thinking of training for one and wanted to know if I would train with her.  At first, I was like “Oh HELL NO!”  But, then her and Doug (the hubby)  proceeded to talk me into it.  So I caved.  But I do think it makes for a great challenge.

The race we are training for is on May 4, 2014.  So we have just under 7 months to train.  We will be doing a 13 week run camp starting in February that will help us on our journey to 13.1.

As of now, the furthest I have ever run has been 8.2 miles.  It took about 2 hours.  It was 6 months ago and I was going pretty slow.  I figure that it’s going to take me at least 2:45 to 3 hours to run it.  That may change, with training…we shall see.

It’s great to have a new goal!  I never EVER thought I would even consider doing this.  That just shows you how much I’ve changed in the last 17 months. Not only physically, but mentally, too.