Journey to 13.1




I mentioned a few weeks ago, that I am training for a half marathon race next May.  I have decided to chronicle my training here, dubbing it my “Journey to 13.1”. 


At first, the idea of running that far was very daunting.  I’ve mapped it out, clocked it in my truck.  It’s still daunting.  But the idea has settled in and I am determined to reach this goal.  For so many reasons…for me, for the person I used to be.  For my Mom.  (She’d be so proud of me.  I know it.)  For every person who has ever doubted themselves.


I’ve been running weekly, different routes.  Adding miles here and there.  Today I ran my longest run…8.3 miles!  My total time was 1 hour 48 minutes.  My average pace was 13:00/mile.  I am surprised and glad that I was able to keep up that pace for so long.  The last (and only) time I ran 8 miles (8.19) I ran it 2 hours and 2 minutes.  I cut 14 minutes off plus I went farther! 


To be honest, that run wiped me out!  I have been achey and sore all day.  I can’t imagine how I will feel when I start running 13 miles!  I’m sure that I’ll drop more weight with this training.  That’ll make it easier on my body.  It’s not easy carting around 230 pounds on an 8 mile run!  Ideally, I’d like to be down to 200 or less (hopefully less) by race day, which is May 4.  That gives me 6 months to train and lose more weight.  

I’ll keep you updated!  


5 thoughts on “Journey to 13.1

  1. Awesome job! And your body will start to ache a little less the more it gets used to the fact that you’re running ‘longer’ and more frequently. Just don’t increase your mileage too fast (so you don’t turn those aches into injuries!) Take a nice bath and soothe those muscles with some epsom salts. Rub out any knots and do some light stretching. You are doing amazing!

  2. You ARE doing amazing and you should totally enjoy these accomplishments; Success breeds success. I recently completed my second half-marathon and all of my runs/races find me internally swearing about how hard it is and why did I ever sign up for this, but that’s the mental game we play and it makes us tougher when we can find strategies to deal with all the negative internal dialogue and keep a positive outlook while we’re in ‘the suck’.
    Keep going. It’s taking a long time but I am getting less sore on my long runs and enjoying them more:)

  3. Nice job on the run!
    I have had the exact same goal for the last few months or so…to do a Half in Feb. My official training starts in 2 weeks – a 14 week plan. So for the last 2 or so months I have been focusing soley on keeping a average fitness level up, but mostly focusing on losing the weight so that come Training time I will only have to worry about Running and running well.
    I have lost a total of 2 kgs since blogging my Pimp the Beast mission, and I plan to continue for the last 2 weeks before things get serious!
    Anywho, looking forward to watching you grow, I’ll be along side ya 🙂

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